This is new Justin Timberlake—a bit rubbish, if I’m honest.
– Nick Grimshaw (via blamefincham)


i can’t breath



poetry makes me so upset please don’t make me analyse poetry someone help 

Anonymous: what are you looking forward to right now? :)


hopefully seeing faye on may 10th in manc also w/ caitlin
….slam dunk w/ fia and meeting we the kings
faye coming here for my birthday
my birthday i guess but more bc im seeing my fave
going to fayes in the summer whether she wants me to or not :))))
so much faye omg soz not soz


"cultural appropriation" whispers the white american girl with british flags hung around her room next to her shrine of the queen of england


British television at its finest


Poking holes in dad’s condoms so someone else can do the dishes