White Horse music video, behind the scenes. (x)

i’m in one of those moods where i just want to sleep but i also just wanna do something but i don’t know what to do so i don’t want to sleep

1. It won’t hurt forever. I know it feels like you’re dying slowly.. But you’re not.

2. He can’t break what he’s already shattered, but still, you’ve got to stop letting him touch you, he’s too careless to hold you. I keep telling you this.

3. Forget how he set your soul on fire after calling you his home. He’s reckless & yes, you knew this already but sometimes people call you their homes, when really they meant just a vacation house, you didn’t know he’d leave again, stop blaming yourself. He’s a coward & built to run.. Not love.

3. Your mother did not raise a Queen just for him to dethrone you. You belong to yourself. Never let another man believe he owns you.

4. You let him believe he owned you. Love is not about possession.

5. I know your forgiving heart feels like more of a curse than a blessing but trust that the right man will cherish it.

6. He is not the one, maybe he could’ve been, only Heaven knows. But If falling stars are the Angel’s flicking their cigarettes, there were millions. Maybe they didn’t want to see such an ending but here it is. Accept it.

7. Love doesn’t feel like all your bones breaking at once.

8. I know your heart feels like it could stop any minute now but it won’t, you’ve felt this before & you lived. Don’t ever allow him to make you feel like this again.

9. Fuck him. You tried. You gave it everything you had in you. It was more than enough, he just didn’t know what to do with it. He’ll never know what to do with it. You’ve got to stop letting him in.

10. You deserve your favorite flowers & someone who pours every color of the sunset in you. You deserve so much more than this.

11. You’re not dying, you’re growing.

12. Someone will love you like you loved him one day.

– 12 things I needed to hear after he broke my heart again. (via caramelcoatedxxxtacy)

omg i can list a thousand things i would rather do than ring this woman rn

Taylor Swift success (also) in social medias 

me in 2012: *tags a reblogged text post with relatable content 'same'*
me in 2014: *tags a picture of a cabbage cut in half 'same'*

day 001. a pokémon that makes you smile » pikachu

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Name: faye
Age: 16
Gender: female


Food: potato waffles atm
Drink: tea 
Book: the hobbit 
Favorite author: john green
Song: tim mcgraw - tswift 
Movie: titanic
TV Show: ahs
Place: magic kingdom, walt disney world

School Subject: english literature 

Sport: swimming even though i don’t do it anymore bc i’m a self conscious piece of shit
Male Actor: leonardo dicaprio orrrrr evan peters
Female actor: ehh i don’t have one, probably rachel mcadams 


Significant Other: lmao
Siblings: older brother, younger half brother, 3 step brothers and 2 step sisters
Dream Job: radio presenter
Fears: ghosts, mice and rats, snakes, rollercoasters
Political Ideology: LET ME LIVE
Religion: agnostic athiest 
Tattoos: none :(
Piercings: ears lmao
Languages: english and supposedly, french


Reason Behind URL: the irony of the fact I DEFINITELY DID NOT SLEEP WITH DANNY JONES 
Reason Behind Icon: danny jones takes great selfies
Why You Joined: back in 2010 i was part of the youtube community and all the cool youtube kids seemed to be getting tumblr

Hoarded URLs: 25, my faves are swiftsmcfly, tomfletcherschin, sinsinmisery, swiftsjones, fetusfletcher, jonscardigan, lastingsummers, dannyjonesed